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Clairement Rousse
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GRAPE VARIETIES : Rolle, Grenache and Muscat

TERROIR : Yellow marls - Gard

TASTING NOTES : A white wine of medditerranean influences with light saltiness, great freshness and a very floral bouquet.

WINEMAKING : We harvest the grapes manually at sunrise. After must settling, the wines ferment with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel and french oak barrels (15%). Méridional is bottled after staying on lees for 8 months.

The vineyard


The soil

Yellow marls

Grown by

Clodéric Prade
in St-Mamert-du-Gard


GRAPE VARIETIES : Clairette, Roussanne

TERROIR : Calcaerous loess, 250m altitude - Gard north

TASTING NOTES : Discrete aromas of white peach and toasted haselnut compliment this wine’s floral bouquet. A wine with elegant volume, finesse and a refreshing crispy lime finish.

WINEMAKING : We harvest the grapes manually at sunrise. After the must has settled, the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts in french oak barrels and stay on lees for 12 months. The barrels are cigar shaped to increase the contact surface of the lees.

The vineyard


The soil

Calcaerous loess

Fermented in oak barrels

French oak from the
Chatillonnais forest


GRAPE VARIETIES : Muscat, Grenache - Pétillant naturel

TERROIR : Pyrenees fluviogacial alluviums - P.O.

TASTING NOTES : The bubbles reveal notes of peach and white melon. A balanced mouthfeel with crisp freshness, light saltiness and hints of honey.

WINEMAKING : We follow the "méthode ancestrale" process. The wines are bottled during fermentation at exactly 24g/L of residual sugar. Fermentation goes on in the bottle which will disolve natural bubbles in this sparkling wine. After 9 months on the lees, the wines stay on pupitre for 30 days of riddling and then we hand disgorge each bottle. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts.
Extra Brut and no added sulphites.

The vineyard


Les pupitres

30 days of riddling

Grown by

Robert Pouderoux
in Corneilla-la-Rivière


GRAPE VARIETIES : Syrah, Cinsault

TERROIR : Calcaerous Loess - Gard

TASTING NOTES : The pomegranate colour reflects the elegant fruit forward wine. Peppermint and blueberry add the complexity to this dangerously drinkable wine.

WINEMAKING : The grapes are handpicked and destemmed. We macerate the grapes 8 days whithout any pumpovers or punchdowns to keep an elegant and complexe structure. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Aged 8 months in stainless steel tanks.
No added sulphites.

The vineyard


The soil

Calcaerous loess

Grown by

Nicolas Boiteux
in Sabran

2015 - Sold out

GRAPE VARIETIES : Cinsault - Vieille vigne

TERROIR : Limestone from the lower Cretaceous - Gard

TASTING NOTES : The ruby color reflects the fresh raspberry notes. A fruit forward wine with smooth tannins and long minerality.

WINEMAKING : The grapes are handpicked and destemmed. We macerate the grapes 10 days between 20 and 25°C. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Aged 12 months in amphoras.
No added sulphites.

The vineyard

60 year old vines

The soil

Limestone from the
lower Cretaceous

Grown by

in Aujargues


GRAPE VARIETIES : Grenache noir

TERROIR : Dolomitic limestones - P.O.

TASTING NOTES : Elder flowers and graphite nose. Typical Grenache notes with red currant and cherry compliment this concentrated and mineral wine.

WINEMAKING : The grapes are handpicked and destemmed. We macerate the grapes 17 days between 20 and 26°C. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Aged 12 months in 400L french oak barrels.
No added sulphites.

The vineyard

Grenache noir

The soil

Dolomitic limestones

Grown by

Jean-Louis Tribouley
in La-Tour-De-France

Imogen and Robin

We are two young winemakers who operate from an old refurbished wine-cellar in the village of Aubais, in southern France. As well as working our vineyard on a limestone plateau, we also travel around France to source different grapes.

Throughout the year we are in partnership with our viticulturists, so we can ensure that we get the best quality grapes that are representative of their region.

All our vineyards are farmed organically and biodynamically in order to get the finest expression of the terroir. All grapes are hand-picked and we ferment all our wines with indigenous yeast and no added Sulphur.

Our winemaking is minimalist but precise to produce pure and high-quality wines.

Robin Althoff
Imogen Berry
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Robin learned about winemaking and biodynamic farming throughout his youth at his family's winery Costes-Cirgues. He's always seaking new terroirs for different winemaking styles.

Imogen's first vintages where in Argentinia and Chile more than 10 years ago. With experience in the Loire Valley, South Africa and California, she learned how to make great and complexe white wines on warm terroirs.


Le Quai à Raisins also offers consulting in the wine industry. As winemakers with a master's degree in Enology (Diplôme National d'Oenologue), we accompany winemakers in an eco-friendly winemaking process. We specialise in organic, biodynamic and substainable vineyard management and in low intervention winemaking.

Feel free to contact us for any questions regarding training courses or estate consulting.

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Harvest 2017
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